Survey data

Data on self-employed/micro enterprises in the Caucasus, 2015, Philippe Rudaz 

This dataverse contains dataset from a series of interview with entrepeneurs in Georgia, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. The study conducted in Georgia is based on a two-year (2014-2015), longitudinal panel survey of a cohort of 600 self-employed, micro and small businesses. The study surveyed of the same panel of 350 self-employed, 150 micro and 100 small firms in three regions of Georgia (Tbilisi, Kakheti and Adjara) four times. One round of interview was conducted in Yerevan and Lori Province in April 2016. In Yerevan, 420 face-to-face interviews were planned, in Lori province, 180 face-to-face interviews were conducted. A stratified random sampling method was used for the survey study in both Georgia, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.



Data from 2 Surveys on Lilo Bazroba, Georgia and Dordoj Bazar, Bishkek, Philippe Rudaz

Our survey data on markets, trade activity and entrepreneurs in Central Asia and the Caucasus will be published on this site, soon.

So far, 3 surveys have been conducted:

1) On Dordoj Bazaar in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

2) On Lilo Bazaar in Tbilisi, Georgia

3) On entrepreneurship in Kyrgyzstan