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Cesmi, 2017: Looking Inside the Dordoj Bazaar (Philippe Rudaz)

Cesmi, 2017: “Post-Soviet (Caucasian) Businessmen in Beijing: From ‘Chelnoki’ to ‘Globalization from Below'” (Susanne Fehlings)

Kavkaz No.3, 2017

Schwäbisches Tagblatt, 22.02.2016

MyScience, 18.02.2016

Radio-interview with Hamlet Melkumyan on Soviet icons, 29.10.2016

In this radio interview broadcasted on Public Radio of Armenia Hamlet Melkumyan and Harutyun Marutyan discuss why Soviet icons and artifacts – like portraits of Stalin and Lenin, the USSR flag, and coats of arms etc. – are still popular among different groups of people in post-Soviet Armenia. In the framework of our project, Hamlet Melkumyan conducts fieldwork on two local marketplaces: “Vernissage” in Yerevan and “Mshrali Khidi” (Dry Bridge) in Tbilisi. In this places Soviet icons are presented as a part of social memory on the one hand, and as exotica on the other. From these marketplaces, symbols travel from the Caucasus to Germany, the U.S. and other places.